Introducing Asset Insignia Sky Villa Project in Thevara

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Insignia Sky Villa Project

Designer sky villas may be rare to find in a happening place like Thevara, but when it comes to one of the top builders in Kochi, Asset Homes, it’s a one of a kind selling proposition. The first sky villa in the ‘Asset Plus’ series, titled Casagrande, covers a 3500-square feet living space. The high-rise project has attained new benchmarks in the real estate sector, with designer-made features that include stone cladding exterior, balconies with greenery, lavish space and an unmatched architectural elegance.

The success of Asset Casagrande has inspired the builder to unveil the second sky villa in the ‘Asset Plus’ series, titled Insignia. The builder makes no qualms of hailing Asset Insignia as limited edition villas in Cochin City, which means it’s a luxury granted to a fortunate few. The housing concept of Asset Homes revolves around the idea of luxury private villas and high-rise flats that span an entire floor.

The Asset Insignia sky villa is designed exquisitely, and any person can only dream of occupying a 3 BHK flat in the near future. One of the many features of the sky villa of Asset Homes is an aqua gym, which is one of the best ways to exercise to reduce wear & tear on leg joints alongside muscles. After all, working out in a swimming pool is surely going to be exciting for anyone aspiring to live in Asset Insignia.

Add to that a stairway that comprises of SS steel, wood and stone spiraling across the floors, all thanks to the designer’s creativity, it’s one work of art inside the sky villa. Besides that, Asset Homes equips the high-rise project with 24/7 security, backup generator, and water supply, making lives all too comfortable.

The eleven feet tall room ceilings inside living rooms in Asset Insignia are unique in terms of architecture, built with an eye for detail. Asset provides UPVC or wooden frame windows inside all rooms of the sky villa to go with false ceiling that comprises of concealed lighting, making the façade gorgeous to look at both from the outside and inside. At the top of it all is a glass façade, which brings sufficient ambient light and views to the outside world. It is situated in the throbbing heart of Cochin City.

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